XRbentsh_ in the Big Apple

XRbentsh_ has crossed the Atlantic to advise its American clients on the creation of valuable international development teams in order to improve their business processes and the quality of their softwares.

XRbentsh_ begins European journey in Zurich

Zurich-based companies have started to boost their digital transformation. They need to bring all kind of high-skilled talents from all over Europe in order to accelerate their development. Zurich hosts one the greatest start-ups in the world which collaborate hands-in-hands with XRbentsh_.

Knowledge Is Power

DevOps is a simple philosophy that allows tech teams to deliver software, applications and other IT project materials at a high level of velocity and quality. XRbentsh_ supports its clients to achieve these goals and therefore augmented its workforce around the DevOps general question. The aim is simple, find the best talents to our partners & […]

Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Technology is powering our future. At XRbentsh_ we are convinced that Blockchain Specialists will build a safer future. That is why a Blockchain Talent Skills Center (BTSC) was initiated a few month ago. The goal is pretty simple, allow our clients to benefit from a full panel of Talented Blockchain candidates and consultants to […]


80,000 cyber-attacks occur every day… XRbentsh_ has recently created a Cybersecurity Service Offer (CSO) so that its clients will now be able to rely on its Cybersecurity Recruitment Skills for the purpose of preventing their Information System to get attacked by a Malware program. The main topics tackled will be in priority Finance, Industry and […]